WASABI is a super cool east west eatery located within a stunning art deco building serving a unique blend of chic Californian and modern Japanese. It is known for its elegant simplicity and refined purity of flavor's with sublime taste sensations. The menu exemplifies the use of only the freshest produce. The philosophy is to present these ingredients in their purest form.

Explore the many seasonal delicacies prepared by agile experienced hands in bustling atmosphere where the cultural influences of California have been intertwined with Japanese aesthetics.

The approach in designing Wasabi Bellagio was epitomized by the principles of simplicity, functionalism, minimalism and respect for the elements of land and water flowing through to the food. This approach combines a balancing play on hot and cold combinations such as the volcano roll over baked in a cream sauce as well as the distinct sweet and spicy infusions featured in many of the dishes. There is something hip and rather edgy about the brashness of the food from the exquisite Baked Crab Salad, the Tuna Tataki Californian style to the spicy baked scallops.

Wasabi is located inside the Bellagio Building located on Gulshan Avenue.