We laid out a blueprint for a chic contemporary meeting place for the global trend setters. A concept completely unheard of in Bangladesh. Employing a modern minimalist approach to interior design, we forged a contemporary living space for all to enjoy.

Our tapas menu is a shared dining experience. The high- ceilinged gold & blue rooms create a spacious canopy under which guests dine in a laid back ambiance where a semi-formal atmosphere prevails. Perfect for long weekend brunches with friends & colleagues.

At Bellagio Med Lounge no two events are ever the same be it birthday, wedding reception, a corporate gathering or a jet set VIP party. Our experienced team of hospitality professionals covers every aspect of your event from planning to execution and tailors the experience to your requirements so that all our guests are assured of a truly unforgettable event.

Special Events & Music

We believe that music creates balance & harmony. Bellagio Med Lounge strives to bring another level of audio sophistication to the modern music aficionados. We view our commitment to music evolution is to challenge & surprise our guests with eclectic Balearic beats to soulful sounds any time day or night.

Bellagio will be working on our new sunset sessions with the best there is to offer in chilled sounds.

Roof Deck

The centerpiece of El fresco dining is the roof deck lounge which is one of the most popular settings for evening dining as the gentle dusk breeze gently caresses the palm trees.